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Dental Care for Life

Posted by on July 21, 2015

A smile is usually the first thing people notice and with such an important impact it has with your social life and your health, you would think that dental hygiene would be on the top of everyone’s list. However, this is not always the case. This is mostly due to poor hygiene habits learned at a young age. These habits can sometimes be hard to break which makes it vital to attack superb dental care health at a very young age with the first tooth. To get some help, we have asked many local family dentistry’s and cosmetic dentists around the Richmond, VA area6 yr old at dentist for any tips or pointers to achieving the perfect smile.

With children, you have to make their dental care fun. Make sure to introduce brushing when the first tooth comes in. You can even be creative and turn it into a game like you’re washing away the sugar beetles. We are trying to promote good health with low sugar diets so try not to reward them with sweet candy. When their teeth begin to grow in and touch, then it is time to start teaching them to floss. You should also be taking them to annually family dentistry checkups to get them accustomed to a dental care routine. Most are already very anxious so make sure not to scare them even more with negative words like pain or hurt.

To properly brush, make sure to use a small head so you can reach the teeth in the back. Small, Soft motions across the front, top, and backs of the teeth should be administered for about 2 to 3 minutes. Make sure to get behind the front teeth as those tend to collect the most plaque. Fluoride toothpaste is essential for ensuring that your enamel stays hard and strong with the idea to prevent decay. After brushing make sure to floss as well. Apply a small and soft sawing motion in between each tooth trying to remove any existing plaque. When you feel you have removed all that you can, finish with a mouthwash to further rinse away any plaque and reduce and bacteria. Make sure to rinse of your toothbrush and leave it in a spot where it can safely try. If it is enclosed in something, stored in the dark, or by a toilet, it could pick up unwanted bacteria or mold.

To finish off this discussion, I also wanted to make everyone aware that good nutrition is also a strong factor great dental care. You must maintain the required levels of nutrients as well as a low sugar and acidic diet to avoid any tooth loss or decay. If there are any questions, I suggest consulting your regular family dentistry or cosmetic dentist.  Stay healthy and smile!

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