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Parkinson’s Disease

Signs and Symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease

What is it?

This disorder is an issue with the nervous system that affects the way we move. Gradually, you may feel slight shakes called tremors in your hand. You may also feel different sensations such as slow reactions and slow movement or locking up. Although people commonly notice symptoms in their hands, others feel sensations or lack or movement in their arms, mouth, or other areas of the face.

What are the Symptoms?

As mentioned before, common symptoms include tremors (or shaking), slowed movement (or bradykinesia), tightness or stiffness, slowed reactions, feeling off-balance, and issues with speech. Below, Rebecca, 32, tells her personal account of when she first noticed symptoms.

“I was perfectly healthy throughout my entire life, with the exception of getting my appendix removed around 9. Then, at the age of 27, I suddenly began experiencing the strangest symptoms. My walk felt different. I was off-balance and my arms stopped swinging normally by my sides. I felt unnatural and new something was wrong. Eventually, the weird sensations moved to my hands. They started shaking uncontrollably at random. It first irritated me when I was typing all day at work, but it became unbearable when my fiance and I went shopping for engagement rings in Richmond. I was shaking so badly that I was embarrassed to try on jewelry. This was my breaking point- I scheduled an appointment with my doctor immediately after.”

How is it Treated?

There is no true for Parkinson’s disease. However, many take prescriptions to regulate and reduce your spasms or stiffness. Sometimes, in extreme cases where medication fails, doctors recommend having brain surgery.

If you are experiencing any symptoms associated with Parkinson’s disease, it is important to schedule an appointment with your doctor as soon as possible. Medication can reduce issues that may become hazardous. For instance, some people get in car accidents due to muscle spasms while driving. Prevent issues by going to a doctor at the earliest warning signs.